Growing out of the Music Department and the Art Designing Department of the former Arts and Communication School, and the Industrial Designing Department and the Landscape Department of the former Natural Resources and Environment Management School ,the School of Arts of Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics was founded in 2oo9.Currently it offers four BA programs, viz musicology, Visual Communication Design (including advertising design, digital design) and Environmental Art Design (including landscape design direction), Industrial Design( product design) and five MA programs, namely Art, Music, Dancing ( all being of level 1 master program), and Ornamental Horticulture and Garden Plants( both being of level 2 master program). The school began to enroll undergraduates in 2oo2 and post graduate students in 2007.
The School of Arts now has 76 teachers, (including 11 professors and 20 associate professors) , among whom 13 have obtained or are studying for doctoral degrees. Besides, a number of teachers have distinguished themselves by winning honorable titles and governmental awards, including certificates issued by the ministry of culture( one person), awards granted by Jiangxi provincial government( one person),titles conferred by Jiangxi higher education administration ( three persons named outstanding young discipline leaders), titles from the field of Jiangxi cultural and art discipline ( three persons named discipline leaders), while some teachers join the membership of various national academic associations in music, fine arts and calligraphy.
With excellent teaching facilities and research conditions, the school of arts has achieved remarkable results in both teaching and research, which is indicated by the successful biding for nearly one hundred provincial and national; research projects , the publication of scores of monographs , text books and over 1000 academic papers, the winning of teaching rewards of various kinds in addition to undertaking several hundred local projects to assist the development of the local areas.
Following the principles of laying a solid foundation, enhancing ability and prioritizing practice, the school explores a new approach integrating three classrooms, featuring workshop module. As a result, we have turned out a large number o highly qualified talents who have excelled in high level competitions both at home and abroad, winning honors and credit for the school. The school has maintained a high rate of employment for graduates and a good number of graduates have been admitted into MA programs successively.
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